For this multi 7-figure coach for women leaders, I wrote and strategised copy for numerous launches, including a live masterclass, and a VIP event. I wrote sales pages, as well as sales emails, an entire email funnel for new subscribers and Facebook ads.

For this B2B service provider (a copywriting agency), I ghostwrote sales pages, copy for emails and social media captions (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), blog posts, plus strategized brand voice guides. Clients included a coach, course creator, HR thought leader, and a local business.

For this B2C book publisher, I wrote a long-form sales page, headline set, and affiliate sales emails for split testing that were “right on the mark in terms of voice and segue”. They were particularly impressed with my creativity and skill.

For this mobile app aimed at readers and students, I strategized marketing and copy around the “premium” version of the app on multiple clarity calls, and wrote an autoresponder email for new subscribers that was well-received.

Rebecca writes bold and persuasively-good copy. She weighs various angles to land on a unique approach, and then forms a strong stance to single out exactly WHO she wants to attract. Her dialed-in copy does NOT beat around the bush. If you’re looking for angle-driven, audience-targeted conversion copy, Rebecca is the copy expert who can bring it to life.” – Kelsey Woods, Founder and Head Copywriter of Content by Kelsey Inc.

The American Association of Pet Parents is an animal charity that wanted to celebrate the human-animal bond with their patrons. So I proposed and delivered a tailored monthly blog content strategy. I strategized content ideas, and wrote regular entertaining blog posts, film and TV reviews.

My portfolio features this introversion publication as a client

Introvert, Dear is the largest online community and publication for introverts in the world. I’ve written blog posts that combine entertainment with practical tips to empower readers to live their best lives, like How I Fill The Silence Living Alone As An Introvert and How To Survive The Holiday Party Season As An Introvert. I’ve also written an open letter titled Dear Office Colleagues, Please Stop Offering Me A Cup Of Tea and How To Survive Working A Retail Job As An Introvert.

“Rebecca Holland has been writing for the American Association of Pet Parents for several months, and is a dream to work with! Her writing is versatile and thoughtful, and she has beautifully adopted our organization’s playful yet expert narrative tone… [she] meets deadlines early; provides insightful content suggestions; and is always courteous and professional. I cannot recommend her enough.” – Courtney Wennerstrom, Director of Content, the American Association of Pet Parents

GXRL Pod is a megaphone for women’s stories. I’ve reviewed books by women, for women, and written book reviews to a predominantly female audience, like exploring the uneven relationships in literary fiction novel Paul by Daisy LaFarge, the bond of sisterhood in crime thriller My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite, and women entering male-dominated industries in the graphic novel Emma Dreams of Stars by Emmanuelle Maisonnueve.

As a regular contributor to this weekly film and TV newsletter, I wrote at least one piece per month exploring themes such as: why Rosamund Pike is a feminist icon, how SnowPiercer perfects the allure of stories on a train, who are the tortured women who haunt Gothic fiction, and ask what is “real” fiction anyway?

My portfolio features this UK entertainment site as a client

This UK entertainment website has published several of my pieces about video games, TV and films, like 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dragon Quest and Why ‘The Island’ streaming on Netflix shows that it’s a powerhouse with sci-fi films.

My portfolio features this board games publisher as a client

Because of my passion for board games, this American board games publisher commissioned me to write two blog posts. One was to inform its board game loving readers How To Find People To Play Board Games With.

My portfolio features myself as a client

If you’ve got this far, then you’ve seen my website copy, social media captions, and maybe one of my posts on my book blog. Velvet Opus is my business and brand. I designed it, created the website from scratch, and wrote all my own copy and content, including social media campaigns. I know how to build a brand, and I can help you to build yours.