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I’m a freelance writer who helps brands and individuals

level up their writing

with words that inspire, empower and entertain.

My portfolio shines the spotlight on some of my amazing clients…

and how we’ve worked together
to level up their writing.


My portfolio features clients I've worked with including Introvert, Dear, Underdog Games, Amendo, Council of Zoom, IndieReader and the American Association of Pet Parents

How I’ve helped:

My portfolio features this pet charity as a client

This charity wanted to celebrate the human-animal bond with their patrons, so I created a tailored monthly blog content strategy where I strategized content ideas and wrote regular entertaining blog posts. I was also asked to ghostwrite pet content for them, in the voice of their experts.

Recent articles include: Why We Love Animal Companions in Fiction and Nine Iconic Black Cats in Fiction.

My portfolio features this introversion publication as a client

I have written blog posts for the largest online community and publication for introverts in the world, on topics that I, as an introvert, am passionate about, combining entertainment with practical tips to empower readers to live their best lives like How I Fill The Silence Living Alone As An Introvert and How To Survive The Holiday Party Season As An Introvert.

My portfolio features this UK entertainment site as a client

This UK entertainment website has published several of my pieces about video games, TV and films, like 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dragon Quest and Why ‘The Island’ streaming on Netflix shows that it’s a powerhouse with sci-fi films.

My portfolio features this board games publisher as a client

This American board games publisher commissioned me to write a one-off blog post to inform its board game loving readers How To Find People To Play Board Games With.

My portfolio features myself as a client

If you’ve got this far, then you’ve seen my website copy, social media captions, and maybe one of my posts on my book blog. Velvet Opus is my business and brand. I designed it, created the website from scratch, and wrote all my own copy and content, including social media campaigns. I know how to build a brand, and I can help you to build yours.

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