Rebecca, here. I love a good definitions section or “glossary”, especially in a book or on a website. If you’re unfamiliar with any of the terms used on Velvet Opus, here’s a glossary – I hope you find it useful.

Book Lengths:

Velvet Opus book reviews feature books of various lengths and I wanted to give you a guide reading time based on page length. However, this may vary depending on factors like the font size and your reading speed.

Really short: less than 80 pages (<2.5 hours)

Short: 80 – 160 pages (2.5 – 6 hours)

Medium: 160 – 350 pages (6 – 12 hours)

Mid-Long: 350 – 550 pages (12 – 19 hours)

Long: 550 – 700 pages (19 – 24 hours)

Really Long: 700 – 850 (24 – 29 hours)

Epic: 850+ pages (29 hours+)


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