Freelance Writing Services

As a law graduate with a background in Intellectual Property, I know how important words are to you and your brand. Whether it’s your company blog, CV or emails to your customers, well-crafted copy makes a difference. I am available for freelance work on your blog, website and more. I offer freelance writing services for individuals and organisations. Why not collaborate with Velvet Opus?

For Individuals

If you need an extra pair of eyes, a proof-editor or a helping hand to make you shine to land your perfect job, I am here to help.

Types of writing services I can offer for you:

  • CV services – for a small, fixed fee I can write, re-write or proofread your Curriculum Vitae “CV” for you. I’ve always written my own CV’s which have landed me internships, retail and legal jobs. You will get an email consultation, followed by a CV tailored to you. During a follow-up email any requested amends will be made before a final clean CV is provided. The first 10 people to quote “CV_30” when requesting this service via email to will receive a 40% discount and pay only £30. 
  • Cover letter services – a good cover letter can be vital and I know because it helped me get my first graduate job. I can help with providing a template cover letter or writing or proofreading your cover letter. Please email for a quote.
For organisations

Good copy helps drive traffic and sales. I offer freelance writing services in many areas. I have listed a few examples below, but do not hesitate to contact me for an informal chat about your particular requirements.

  • Blog posts – for example, comparison posts, lists and how-to’s for your clients to drive traffic or sales. See my article 5 Ways to Get Books for Free.
  • Website copy – tailoring website content to direct your visitors, to a page like this, or to attract and keep their attention.

These freelance writing services vary in price: from a fixed fee for blog posts or website copy to an agreed hourly or “maximum” rate for larger projects, get in touch with me via email at

Collaborate with Velvet Opus

Velvet Opus features articles, book reviews and interviews for a social media audience of 1,500+ which grows every day. We are open to collaborating with you or your organisation by featuring you, your products or services, in sponsored posts on our website or social media with bespoke packages to suit your needs. Get in touch via email at for an informal, no-obligation chat. We can discuss your requirements and how we can best assist.

Examples of content on Velvet Opus:

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